Opus Labs

Our Mission

Opus-Labs will revolutionize businesses go to market strategies by utilizing NFT technology to inspire fans of their brand through social engagement, creative utility, and art.  We will educate and integrate into their current business model to build a lasting and impactful vision making them a pioneer in web3 and beyond. 

From concept to execution, maintenance, and continuing education, we are THE one stop shop for all your NFT collection and brand needs.

The Maestro Genesis Launch!

Opus-Labs is releasing our own NFT collection of unique “Maestros” built to go beyond the digital space that will unlock numerous benefits and utility to ALL our NFT holders, starting with permitting all of our holders to be on the official “allow-list” for all future client project mints, live events, NFT airdrops, and much more as we progress through our journey!

Our Team

The Opus-Labs team is composed of some of the most talented and successful individuals in Web3 and IRL.  This passionate and highly capable team will deliver and execute the Opus-Labs vision at the highest level.

Bryan Ottens

Founder / CEO

His portfolio of private businesses generate over $100M / year in sales across multiple industries. He has demonstrated an incredible ability to launch new companies, innovate, and provide unparalleled leadership to maximize his success and the success of his team members. He currently has a 7 figure NFT and crypto portfolio and is prepared to execute his vision of merging these passions and knowledge in the NFT space with his real life network to bring this incredible technology mainstream. Above all else, Bryan is a caring and compassionate individual, who’s core value which is demonstrated in his life time and time again, is one of putting others before himself and treating people with the utmost respect.


Joe Veteri


Joe has launched many successful businesses, the first being a NJ based law practice (over 18 years). More recently, he owns and operates an entertainment company focused on pop-culture collectibles and related conventions, entertainment, and experiences as well as consulting services for the leading companies (NJ Devils/NHL, Heritage Auctions, Four Horsemen Studios, plus several others) and many brands in the pop-culture collectibles space.

Joe’s purpose, mission and NFT journey are twofold: 1) give the power back to the people by flipping the old model of top-down media. This new “bottom-up” media model will grant unequivocal and immutable brand ownership to the NFT holders and as such, they can now participate in the value accrual of that brand. Moreover, they own a piece of the character set (which, many NFT creators are granting their NFT holders full commercial rights to that image/character. With such rights, NFT holders have the power to utilize the image of the NFT character to create their own business and brand without the need to be granted a license.), and 2) to assist new and established brands to navigate and utilize NFT’s to further their business goals and objectives, enhance the intimate connection with their brand via community building, social organization (in real life events), and enhance their NFT’s collectability and creative utility. 

 Joe believes blockchain and NFT’s will give the power back to the people and will assist any creator and/or lifestyle brand.  In addition, he strongly believes the next Disney will be built and owned by the people and not a Fortune 500 company. It is Joe’s personal mission and purpose, to help facilitate that.  


Vlad Ouritski

Investor Relations

At age 26, he left everything to come to America in pursuit of unknown, yet promising opportunity. Having only $300 in his pocket to split between him and his friend from the army, he came to America not knowing the language nor having any real contacts. Through persistence, hard work, and determination he built multiple multi-million dollar businesses alongside starting his beautiful family. All of these experiences brought him to this moment in life filled with excitement, vital energy, and an unimaginable desire to build and create this new company with some of the greatest developers, artists and creators in the world. Paving the way for a fascinating future for his children and grandchildren to utilize this technology in their everyday lives.


Andrew Foord

Executive Director/Art & Media

His artwork has been recognized and featured by Vogue, Buzzfeed, and the NBA to name a few. Andrew comes from a long line of artists, most notably his great-grandfather Fritz. Fritz was a master painter and art director who exhibited all over the world, including at the famous MoMA in New York City. He not only shares a love of art with his grandfather, but has also inherited his professionalism and unique sense of style. Andrew’s creativity and innovation are second-to-none and he looks forward to shaping the future of web3 and beyond.


Daniel Bright


He has been entrusted with the ownership of products and facility builds for a wide variety of startup and established organizations in the biotechnology field, with market caps ranging from several million dollars to over 110 billion USD.


Jim Van Grouw


For the last 17 of those 30 years, he has worked with our Founder and CEO, Bryan handling all of his personal and business finances acting as a trusted advisor. This established and proven track record made Jim’s involvement in Opus-Labs an easy decision for all parties. His deep knowledge of finance, accounting, and business rounds out this powerful team and ensures we have the necessary ability to handle the complexities of crypto / fiat finances with integrity and transparency. Jim is an incredible resource and a wealth of knowledge that will help Opus-Labs shape the future of Web3 businesses.


Olivia Michalski - Ottens

Legal Counsel

She has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Pre-Law from Seton Hall University and Graduated from Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, MI. Her incredible work ethic and desire to be a pioneer in the Web3 space makes her an invaluable asset to the Opus-Labs team.



1st Movement: Pre-Mint

Community building and education.  We will hand select our community and allow-list members and give each of those members an opportunity to get to know everyone on the Opus team.  The biggest pre-mint value will be your 1 on 1 access to us for any advice or guidance leveraging each of our specialties and real life successes. This will not be a time for hype like most projects.  This will be a time for learning and relationship building.  Our community will be treated like our family. 

2nd Movement: Mint

Your Genesis Maestro will be your "allow-list" mint pass for all NFT projects Opus-Labs launches in the future either on our own, or on behalf of our partners.  The true value of this NFT will be hard to fathom considering the aggressive pipeline of company projects and talent Opus-Labs has been in serious talks with.  What's more is that you'll have the chance to mint various rarities of our Maestro bringing insane value to those lucky enough to get them.  Details on that below.   If you've made it this far and minted, congratulations! Enjoy the journey! 

3rd Movement: Partnerships

Once our mint is complete, we will turn our focus, energy and commitment to our partners to start the process of launching their NFT collections.  This will be a prioritized approach determined by our team on which partners and projects to work on first.  We will be very methodical in the beginning to ensure sufficient bandwidth and partner success.    With each successful launch, we will continuously improve on our scalability and staff to build out a model that's capable of meeting the demand and providing the same high level service we expect to deliver.  Our community will have full transparency on these selections and decisions every step of the way. 

4th Movement: Maestro Holder Benefit Expansion

Once we establish our brand, have successful launches under the Opus-Labs umbrella, and reinvest to scale our business model, we will have a multitude of opportunities for holders of our genesis collection to receive additional value;  Company referral commissions, Outsourced services for projects will be offered to our community first, full time and part time job opportunities, and a future DAO are all part of the company roadmap.  More details on each of these and more as we successfully complete each of the first 3 Movements. 


All of our Maestros have different rarity traits. The higher the rarity, the greater the benefits. These benefits are as follows:


FREE Mints for ALL Projects!!!


50% off ALL Mints!!


25% off ALL Mints!


Receive “allow-list” access for ALL Mints

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Mint 10/1 – 11/1
Public Mint date 11/2

Mint Price is $1,500. Payment received in USDC or Credit Card.

A total of 1,555 will be available. 1,300 available for presale and 255 for the Opus-Labs Treasury.

Opus-Labs is a leading Web3 brand run by a powerhouse team of successful entrepreneurs who’s main focus is to incorporate blockchain and NFT technology into established Web2 brands. We offer an A-Z solution for these brands, providing them with every necessary capability needed to launch a successful NFT project or integrate blockchain technology into their legacy business model. We will only work with premium, established, and highly successful, globally recognized companies or individuals, setting the bar incredibly high to ensure top quality opportunities for our Maestro holders.

Maestro holders will have a lifetime Allow List for EVERY future partner project that Opus-Labs works with.

There will be 4 different rarities of the Maestro that will be randomly revealed after mint. Those rarities are as follows:
⭐️ Rare = Lifetime Allow List for every future partner or Opus-Labs project.
⭐️ Ultra Rare = 25% off every mint in addition to the lifetime Allow List!
⭐️ Epic = 50% off every mint in addition to the lifetime Allow List!
⭐️Legendary = FREE MINT for EVERY future Opus-Labs project or partner project!

Additional utilities include:
🎸 Alpha from blue chip NFT’s held by the Opus-Labs treasury will be passed through to our holders in the Opus-Labs Discord
🎸 Educational classes focused on life skills, investment strategies, entrepreneurship, etc. taught by the Opus-Labs founders on a monthly basis.
🎸 Community scholarship and internship program.
🎸 Discounts on premium music products

There are a multitude of ways to receive a WL. The best advice is to stay engaged, be helpful to others, keep a positive attitude, and your efforts will be recognized. No need to grind, we see everything that’s going on.

No. Opus-Labs is currently not hiring. Any future position openings will be posted in our Discord.

All of our collaborations and partners are thoroughly vetted therefore to be considered each project Must fill out the Collaboration Form. We only collab/partner with projects of the highest quality and those that align with our values. As transparency is a core value at Opus, if your project’s team is not fully doxxed, you will not be considered. Currently we are inundated with forms, if you do not here back from us, your project was not chosen. We are truly sorry!!

Maestro Genesis NFT Collection Size: 3,333

Pre-sale Mint Price: $1,500 USD
Pre-sale Mint Date: Oct 1 to Nov 1st or until sold out
Pre-sale is WL only and First Come, First Served Basis (FCFS)
Pre-sale “ticket”: Redeemed Nov 1 for Maestro(s); you will pay gas that we are optimizing

Public Mint Price: TBD
Public Mint Date: Nov 2nd
Public mint will sell any NFTs remaining after pre-sale ends

Mint is Payable in USDC on ETH Chain or USD via credit card

The opportunity to buy more than 2 Maestro’s will only be available during pre-sale on a FCFS basis.

One WL only per person; any duplicates will be disqualified.


During pre-sale, WL holders will be able to purchase one TICKET on a first come, first served basis in the following tiers:

Diamond: 5 maestros $7,500 USDC
Gold: 3 maestros $4,500 USDC
Silver: 2 maestros $3,000 USDC
Bronze: 1 maestro $1,500 USDC

These “tickets” will be redeemable for Maestro(s) on Nov 1 AND they also form a separate, stand-alone NFT collection called the Maestro-Ticket.


The Maestro-Ticket Collection includes all the pre-sale “tickets” as stand-alone NFTs that will have additional, as yet unrevealed, tiered utility. The art for the Maestro-Tickets (created by Opus-Lab’s talented Maestro artist Andrew Foord) is an additional benefit! These NFTs will be soulbound (locked/nontransferrable) until after the Maestro Genesis Collection launches on 1 Nov but ultimately they will be trade-able on the secondary market. As utilities for this tiered Maestro-Ticket NFT collection are eventually revealed, the value of the collection will likely change!

Mint proceeds will be used as follows:
– Pay back all out of pocket expenses used to launch the project to the founders.
– Salaries for full time employees.
– Invest in blue chip NFT’s to gain access to those communities for the Maestro Utility.
– Create an investment fund in other crypto for the Opus-Labs treasury
– The majority of all mint proceeds will remain in the company for funding future Opus-Labs partner projects, liquidity to scale, and future opportunities. This will be in fiat or USDC.
-Tax on earnings

We will be using Crossmint to process all payments. Their official links are: Crossmint | Twitter, YouTube, Twitch | Linktree

While the TICKETS will be locked through the mint due to their direct connection with the maestros, the tickets will be unlocked at a point after mint. After they are unlocked, you will be able to sell/transfer the tickets as often as you would like. As utilities for this tiered MAESTRO-TICKET NFT collection are eventually revealed, the value of the collection will likely change!

On Nov 1st, you will be able to redeem your ticket for the number of maestros associated with your tier. You will only have to pay gas in ETH. Upon redemption, the ticket is not burned. Remember, the ticket is a separate NFT with future utility.

No. The platform only allows one to pay completely by either credit card or crypto.

Yes. Any transaction on the blockchain requires gas. If you are paying with crypto in USDC, you will need to have some ETH in your wallet to cover the gas. If paying with a credit card, the gas is already included in the price. Gas will be optimised.

Just click on your discord name and you will see your assigned role.

PLEASE NOTE if your role is Premint WL; this means you won a WL from a giveaway and YOU are already for Pre-Sale!!!; no further action is required

If you have the OG WL or WL roles, that means you are eligible for our presale! You MUST complete only one premint link so we can capture your wallets to allow you to purchase. This MUST be done prior to 10/1.

@OG Whitelist ➡️ https://www.premint.xyz/opus-labs-OGWL/

@WL ➡️ https://www.premint.xyz/opus-labs-WL/

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